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The divide separating theists and non-theists is growing stronger. As theists remain a part of the continuation of our world’s religious history, non-theists turn instead to science and humanism.

Religion is a thread that runs through the millennia. It connects early Mesopotamia to modern humans and, on its way, transforms through ancient Egyptians, Early Hindus, and the Mayan Civilization. This thread never changes form, only appearance. It has maintained the same foundation since its beginning but transforms for each era it passes through. The iconic sacred bull is prominent among Stone Age cave paintings, in ancient Mesopotamia and modern Judaism. Ancient Egyptians’ worship of their sun god can be seen in Renaissance painting’s halos and in the royal crowns of today. The thread has not broken, only been reshaped for its ever changing surroundings, until now.

A split is among us. The theists stand steadfast on the line and take their place in this enduring history, while non-theists have stepped aside. Those who remain a part of this thread are subject to questions concerning the necessity of continuing tradition and adherence to misrepresented words of the supernatural, while those who step aside are met with questions of ethics and a purpose to life. We each choose our place in history, but we must first understand our chosen position.

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