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Ode to the Closet

Ode to the Closet:

You hold my identity, my personality, my individuality. Behind your door is who I am. Heeels, pumps, flats, hats, stockings, more than one of the necessary little black dress, sexy lace hidden under oversided panties, bras - both, those for a night out and a night in - It's all there. All the necessities, all the essentials.
But, you are overwhelming. Every nook and cranny of you is crowded with unnecessary essentials.You have become too much for me to handle. I no longer care for your judgment. The heels may tighten the legs, but I want to walk flat. The spanx may hold it all in, but I want to be okay letting it out. The lace may turn more heads, but I want to feel comfort. The sexy black bra may push them up and spread them out, but I want them to be nestled comfortably. I have made my decision. I will no longer allow for judgment. Discarding it all is invigorating, freeing, refreshing...
Now, I need a little black dress for a night out and black heels to tighten the legs.
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